Just why can’t Remainers sell the benefits of the EU?

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results Unknown

I’m a sales person. I have been for 16 years. Im exceptionally good at my craft.

Unless the premise or product of what im selling is complete rubbish, I can get a significant amount of people it’s targeted at to buy it.

Being a sales person isn’t that hard. Finding something sellable is. Finding something sellable is essential. You have to believe in what you are selling. If you don’t believe in it’s benefits. You can’t sell it….. efficiently anyway.

Sales: Loads of people can’t do it – but only because, it’s only easy if you have something worthwhile to sell.

You listen to what someone has to say about what they want to achieve, how they want to do it, what the end game is. Essentially you find out their needs, wants and desires.

You then point out the bits of what it is you are selling, as benefits, that match the needs you identified.

Key points are:

  • Listening
  • Identify Needs (Wants and desires are great, but they come after a real need)
  • Sell benefits of what you are selling

A public facing politicians job is not that far removed from my own. We both need to convince people what we are saying will be good for them/ their business/ loved ones etc.

(That’s why most politcians are not public facing).

Politics: Loads of people can’t do it – but only because, it’s only easy if you have something worthwhile to sell.

Now. If you have something shit to sell. You can’t sell the benefits of it. There are either too few, none at all really, or they don’t match who you are selling it to.

In this case benefits are no good…there are none. What is easier in a weak selling case, is to use the needs, wants and desires, turn them on their head, and create a feeling of loss, fear or disappointment if they don’t join you.

In most cases a persons fear of loss is much stronger than an excitement about something they may gain. Thats why most products, ideas or services you have ever been directly sold, ends in a “But what happens if you dont do xyz”.

Most stuff out there is rubbish.

Its also, I assume, why the remain campaign in 2016 did nothing of note, via the public politcians that led the campaign, to talk up the benefits of the EU. In fact, those that are trying to secure another referendum are STILL not talking about the benefits.

Its all “eternal poverty”, “war threat” and “medicines running out”.

You see, when a sales person’s fear selling fall on deaf ears, then you will witness the last ditch “absurd pitch”.

In the case of the renewed attempts at project fear 2.0 enter “the great cheese famine”, “STD Plagues” and “sandwich fillings running dry”.

I mean honestly. Would you buy a car from that man? Christ.

So. The EU is great. We are told it’s great. So great we don’t want to leave. But twice now in 2 years there has been major campaigns to tell us why we should stay.

Both have lacked any benefits , the second is now on the stage of the “absurd pitch”.

Ask yourself why. Why can’t they sell the idea normally? Why the negativity?

I would argue because the benefits are just not there for it to be sold that way. Fear works better.

I wouldn’t take a job selling it.

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