If You Accept Blair as your Brexit Saviour, Don’t Ever Lecture us about Ethics Again.

There are three things in the world that deserve no mercy, hypocrisy, fraud, and tyranny.Frederick William Robertson

He gallops back in to the political arena, on his blood spattered white horse. Charging the populace of the UK with “not having the knowledge” of what they voted for in Brexit.

It’s ok my fellow simpletons, worry not, Tony Blair is going to break it down so it is”easy to understand” and then we will “rise up against leaving the EU“. We can all vote to remain in a second referendum, once we comprehend the “misery and suffering” that Brexit would cause.

Funny isn’t it, a man crying out for this rally.

A man that ignored the largest ever single protest this country has ever seen. A genuine situation of people “rising up” against his case to go to war with Iraq.

A man that has jointly caused genuine “misery and suffering” to thousands of military personnel, their families and millions of civilians in Iraq, on a war based on lies and deceit.

A war that was started due to his supposed “lack of knowledge” on weapons of mass destruction, but was all about greed, money, personal vendettas and oil.

A man so in tune with the EU project and its benefits to us that he would have had us join the Euro if he had gotten his way, causing financial carnage here.

A man who clearly has no personal interest in the UK remaining in the EU for his own presidential ambitions within the group.

A man whose policies and decisions whilst in power undoubtedly paved the way to the Brexit vote itself.

Well it would be funny, if it wasn’t for the rank hypocrisy he exhales with every sentence and the already disturbing amount of people that seem to be able to forgive his past and hail him as a saint, just because he is on their side of the argument. It’s not funny. It’s disturbing.

I will break this down so “It’s easy for you to understand”.

If you get behind Tony Blairs movement against Brexit, you are of course free to do so. We still live in a democracy after all. However remainers, if you do hold this man up as your saviour there are a few things you should make sure you do.

First of all drop all claims to ever hold the high ground against any Brexit voter for being led by the nose by liars. Forget leaving the charges of supporting people responsible for violence at our door. Drop any pretence that you only support people and causes with conviction, honesty and integrity.

Lastly and most importantly, don’t ever, ever, utter a word against the supporters of Le Pen, Trump or Farage again. Saints those politicians may not be, but mass murderers they are not.

Yes you can back Blair if you want. But don’t ever lecture me or anyone else on political ethics again. Rise up remainers. Line up behind Blair and be counted, so we can see what you really stand for.


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