If you were shocked by Trumps victory you have not been paying attention

Self-sabotage is the proverbial hammer over the head that finally wakes us up, demanding that we pay attention. For most of us, it takes something devastating to crack us open, to get us out of our minds and into our hearts – Debbie Ford

Donald Trump. Had I been American there is not a snowball in hells chance I would have voted for him (even less chance of me voting for Hillary though). It’s not so much the rhetoric he espoused, a very small amount of which I agree with in principle. Hell its not even the solutions within his rhetoric – almost all of which which are unworkable, as the USA will find out shortly. It’s the fact that he manages to say a whole lot of stuff, without saying very much at all.

It’s the fact that despite all his bluster and vague platitudes, I find it hard to believe that he understands the implications of what he is saying. In short I, personally, don’t find him very convincing. So no Donald J Trump would not have had my vote.

However, I was certain he was going to win, and happy that he was going to. I was certain because the perfect political and socioeconomic storm that led to the vote for Brexit in the UK, is not just confined to the UK. It’s a western phenomenon, sweeping across the globe. I was happy because the underlying reasons why he would win still need  to be rammed into the political classes, and Neo-Lib voters faces…because it seems they still don’t or don’t want to, get it.

Donald Trump has, in my opinion, the wrong answers. Building walls, mass expulsion of people and the banning of people following Islam (or any other faith for that matter), are the nuclear options. No-one needs nuclear.

But whilst he may have the wrong answers, he was the only person answering the bloody questions in the first place. If there is only one person listening to you, or even letting you ask the question in the first place, then that is who you will vote for.

As much as the left and “moderate” centre want the working and “privileged” middle classes to stop harping on about mass immigration, falling wages and accompanying living standards, incompatible social cultures and all of the other “horrible, disgusting, irrelevant” concerns they have – guess what? They won’t.

About a decade ago these concerns spread from the fringes of society, into the mainstream working and middle classes. It spread because they felt it was affecting their lives. They were, and are, correct.

The decision was made by practically every western government that the way to combat this, was to label all and sundry a bigot or a racist. This caught on so much, that now if you vote for anyone other than the socially acceptable choice of the day, then according to the left wing media and voter, you are a complete and total fascist and need publicly shaming. People still wonder why the polls are always so wrong. Who in gods name is going to tell the pollster they voted for the other person?

  • Want to talk about immigration? – Racist.
  • Want to discuss the EU – Xenophobe.
  • Want to talk about your falling wages? – White male privilege.
  • Want to talk about meritocracy vs enforced gender quotas? – Sexist misogynist
  • Want to talk about the socially incompatible parts of Islam – Islamaphobe
  • Concerns with gender neutral bathrooms? – Homophobic, trans-hating bigot

And so on, and so on.

Its a great plan actually. Because the person asking the question, forgets about asking the question and has to defend an accusation. The next time they don’t ask the question out loud at all. But everyone seemed to forget – they were still secretly wanting answers.

If people had debated these issues, frankly and honestly at the time, I’m fairly certain we would still have the majority of rules and social expectations of today. The difference would be that people might have been shown any benefits of the reasons things were the way that they were, and anything that was not up to scratch could have been rectified sensibly.

As it is, we need to draw the conclusion that there are not any benefits or sensible options, that’s why the question is consistently avoided. I mean what are you so afraid of?

But as it is, along comes Trump, with talk of big walls, winning bigly and mass expulsions, and “hey, he’s talking about answers to the stuff we have wanted to know for years! Let’s vote for that guy. Sure, he said a few bad things that we might feel uncomfortable with, but hell, no-one else is listening”.

For the record, I don’t think President Trump will be the end of the world. He will start to face reality now, although I’m sure he knew it already, that much of his nuclear option rhetoric is unworkable in a modern world- but he will have to make changes along the lines he espoused. Moderately and sensibly applied that will not be any bad thing for America or the world.

Of course, sensible isn’t an option in today’s snowflake ridden world, so the mass media hysteria around Trump being Hitlers protege, the lefts rampant riots against a democratic vote, the calls for old people to be banned from elections are now as regular as they are pathetic. The left and company had better get used to “shocks” like Trump. There are few more upcoming like Le Pen and the Italian referendum.

Because I’m afraid the time for us waiting for answers has gone. The boat has well and truly been missed, and it set sail a long time ago, leaving you all behind

It’s not Nationalism, bigotry or racism that is responsible for Trump, or Brexit. In fact Brexit and Trump are not even the causes. They are symptoms.

The cause is disdain shown to the working class by a political elite who forgot their vote is not a god given right.

The cause is the consistent ignorance shown to peoples concerns. Whether those concerns be legitimate or not.

The cause was the cancer that is playing with identity politics – because it appears that right now, there are a whole lot more people that identify with being Donald J Trump.

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