Can you actually fool all of the people, all of the time?

Never let yourself get fooled by the same pitcher, on the same pitch, on the same day – George Kell

The amount of times David Cameron and his government have lied to gain the public’s trust for a vote or a decision, and then promptly re-engaged on that promise is nothing short of astonishing.

Its not hard to know he lies. You know because his lips move.

You have to hand it to him, he has it down as an art. He savages all previous promises made immediately after getting a result he needs, then has many years for the public to forget about it, before he does it all over again.

We have a very strange situation created in this EU referendum. One that I really struggle to get my head around.

There are a huge contingent of voters that have been affected by Cameron and Tory lies. That have experienced it first hand. Either have backed him for something he said and seen that promise dissipate, or had their own ideals or even lives crushed because voters were persuaded to go Tory based on a pack of lies.

That any other day, will bemoan his dishonesty and attack his principles. Will vow to “never trust a Tory”, or that after the last election loudly proclaim “I’m never voting Tory again”. That actually laugh and mock those that voted for this Government. With each new unveil of dishonesty, saying “Its your fault for going with the lying shitbags”.

And yet, when faced with the governments stance on the EU and some of the utterly bizarre claims of world ending scenarios upon Brexit promptly shout “Yeah, Cameron is legit here. Has our best interests at heart.”

When I point out they are not practising what they preach, they say that “even a broken clock is right twice a day”. Not this clock ladies and gents. This one changes its face to avoid the time of day.

Lets have a little recap of Tory lies since gaining power shall we…

2010 election

“We will Balance the books by 2015” – Current Deficit for all of 2015, came to £96.2bn or 5.2% of annual GDP. The current account deficit for 2015 was the biggest deficit on record, the largest for 67 years.
“We will pay down Britains debts” – If by down, he meant down the toilet, he has achieved this. UK national debt now stands at an eye watering £1,5 TRILLION. 50% higher than when the Tories took power.

“We will bring Immigration down into the tens of thousands” – Maths isnt their strong point it seems. NET Immigration stands at 323,000 per annum. Equivalent to the entire population of Northumberland.

“No top down reorganization of the NHS” – £3 billion spent of the biggest NHS reorganisation in history.

“We will deport more Foreign Criminals” – Foreign crooks on streets soared by 20%

“We will not increase VAT” – 17.5% to 20% is an increase No?

“We will protect the vulnerable form cuts” – I hope there is a special place in hell for this one

“GP access promised 12 hours a day, 7 days a week” – Remind me how that is going? I cant see any doctors as they are all (rightly) striking.

“We will get tough on tax avoidance” – Unless its Camerons dear old Dad

“We are all in this together” – Tax cuts for super wealthy, poor hammered with bedroom tax

“We will have smaller class sizes” – Number of infants in oversized classes is up by 200% But when no-one in their right mind wants to become a teacher under this government that is hardly surprising

“We will improve the status of teachers” – Pay cuts in real terms, year after year, after ridiculous year.

“We will get tough on MPs that break expense claims” – Maria Miller. Nought said until hammered by press

“We will increase flood defences” – Budget cut by £250k and thousands flooded out of homes

“No-one will be made homeless by our cuts” – Rough sleeping up by 55% since 2010 when Tories won Election

First Quarter of this term and we already have:

“Tax Credits will not fall” – He must have confused them with Immigration figures. Because they were cut shortly after winning election

“Child Benefit will not be cut beyond 2 year freeze” – Well, here are his maths skills again. Frozen for 4 years, shortly after winning election.

“We will electrify the rail services” – these plans were totally cancelled

“We will make decision on Gatwick airport by Summer 2015” – Decision shelved until end of 2016.

“Tax free childcare implemented in Autumn 2015” – Sorry folks, this wont happen until 2017 earliest

“We will cap charges for residential social care from April 2016” – Immediately changed to 2020 after winning election.

“Government will not get directly or financially involved in referendum” – Immediately signs off £9million budget for pro EU, government endorsed leaflet for every household in Britain

I cant be bothered to go on. You get the idea, but there it is. Distinct and irrefutable proof that Cameron lies without question, in order to get a result he wants, without a single shit given for how it affects us, only to do the complete opposite. All the time. Every single time.

So when he tells you that the NHS not be affected by TTIP as part of the EU. Or that GDP is going to fall through the floor upon Brexit. Or that Brexit will affect our security. Brexit will mean million of job losses. Brexit would put Northern Ireland peace process at risk. Brexit would mean Putin and Russia storming over the white cliffs of Dover. Brexit would mean our utter doom and devastation, you CAN listen to him. You CAN believe him.

Just don’t be surprised when the opposite turns out to be true

Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me, fool me three times and I am a Tory.

One thought on “Can you actually fool all of the people, all of the time?

  1. Cameron is now however emerging as a liability for the ‘Remain’ camp, for which he is the strongest figurehead. By contrast, the ‘Leave’ camp doesn’t really have a figurehead any more (although for a long while it was Farage). This is one of its strengths, because it represents a genuine cross-section of society. Those of Guardianista pro-EU disposition are having to go back-asswards to say why they are aligned with Cameron and Project Fear. They are gradually losing the debate and they know it.


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