When your compassion kills people.

Sometimes people who are working out their political beliefs, they can rage against the man, and yet at the same time can be oblivious to their own way of stepping on the foot of the person right next to them – Mike White

As I write this, reports have broken that at least 40 people, including 17 children, have died off the coast of Greece today trying to make it to the EU. This takes the grand total to 900 deaths in Turkish and Greek waters alone since Jan 2015. In fact, 113 people alone have died in the last 24 hours. That is more than the past two January’s combined.

In addition thousands of migrants are trudging through sub zero temperatures in the Balkans, through snow, the majority without winter clothing, some without footwear, putting them at severe risk of hypothermia. Indeed charity doctors have confirmed many already have pneumonia. Many of these and the more vulnerable wont make the trip.

Hundreds of Migrants have been turned away from Sweden, Germany and Austria, despite these countries telling them to come and are now in no-mans land in the middle of the European winter.

Make no mistake, before winter is over, it wont just be the sea that has claimed the lives of hundreds of migrant men, women and children. The cold will grab its own sad tally.

Im sorry to say this, but If you were one of the people that stood with a placard, signed a petition or tweeted #refugeeswelcome you indirectly have a hand in this.

In the rush to appear compassionate, caring and humanitarian people ignored the pleas of certain politicians that the only way to solve this problem was to turn back the boats. They laughed at and branded xenophobic the predictions of even more drownings and deaths caused by the European winter, if we didn’t stop the incentive for people to come by refusing entry to anyone entering illegally.

In their hundreds of thousands people tweeted pictures of themselves with posters saying #refugeeswelcome, sent huge petitions to their respective governments and agreed with each other that the only compassionate thing to do was to tell them they could come. Completely oblivious to the fact they had just signed thousands of death warrants for the sea, people smugglers and the cold to claim.

Fuelled by this pubic opinion and pressure, governments like Merkels openly told migrants that if they could make it they could come. So come they have, and come they still do. In rickety boats that a small wave, let alone the ones seen in the Aegean sea during winter, would capsize, making it an absolute death trap for all on board.

I’m no fan of Cameron, but I will give him this. His solution to taking in refugees was sensible and single handedly the best option offered from all EU leaders. Could we, or should we have taken more? My personal opinion is yes we should (providing they are proven to be genuine refugees), but whilst the UK might not have taken in the amount that Germany or other countries have, none of the refugees that travelled to the UK in the means offered by Cameron died on the way.

Left to their own methods in order to get wherever in the EU it is they are going, migrant families shuffle through the snow, to countries whose express invitation to come, like Germany, Austria, Sweden and Denmark, was rescinded weeks ago.

There will be no clapping crowds, no poster brandishing activists waiting for them, just more snow. More cold. More death.

All they will get is the knowledge that the perilous journey, and the friends or family they may have lost along the way, was all for a big hoax where countries asked them to come, promised to house them, but then went back on their promise because their governments were too fucking stupid to realise how many would take up their offer.

I wonder how many migrants stuck on the freezing Swedish border think that we are caring, or compassionate? I wonder how many fathers and mothers might not be burying their children if we had just agreed to turn back the boats?

The absolutely laughable thing is only now are people coming to their senses, when it only took a pinch of common sense to see this humanitarian disaster on the horizon. The French PM went on record today stating that the EU itself is at risk and we must stop the flow. Its a bit late now old chap, because its not going to stop, nearly 37,000 migrants have arrived in Italy and Greece since January. Ten times the amount this time last year.

There were other solutions to this. The EU could have funnelled the immense amount of money we have spent on the cack handed solution to the refugee crisis, into the camps in Syria, making them humane, more sanitary, more safe and actually liveable to reside in. I wonder how the 3.5 billion Euros we gave to Turkey could have been spent on schooling and medical care in these camps?

We could have sent a task force to guard these camps, and we could have set up refugee processing offices to send the true refugees to countries via safe transportation. Most importantly we could have stopped the boats. We could have stopped people freezing to death.

If watching people drown and little children lose limbs to frost bite is peoples idea of being compassionate and caring, I want no part of it. Give me indifferent and heartless any day.




One thought on “When your compassion kills people.

  1. A shocking truth is that the Australian model which DID turn back the boats – worked. People don’t die because dirty smugglers ship them out in childrens toy boats to Australia.

    People do die because of Merkels gross irresponsibility.


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