How The Liberal Left are Helping the Far right

Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity – Martin Luther King, Jr.

I genuinely didn’t want to write up about the New Years Eve attacks in Cologne from a purely selfish aspect.

Partly because its being covered all over the place now, but mainly because it’s the type of story that fuels intense anger and furious arguments all over the place, and makes it a nightmare to moderate comments.

However I have to write about the reactions that I have seen to this event, specifically from officials in Cologne and a disturbing amount of left wing sources, as quite frankly they are beyond belief and horrendously worrying.

For those of you that for some reason or another do not know the event I’m talking about, on New Years Eve, a gang of anywhere between 500 – 1,000 young men “of Arabic and North African appearance”, groped and sexually assaulted up to 100 women, with at least two woman stating they were raped.

There are police reports, eye witness accounts and even videos confirming the description of the attackers.

I wont go into the immensely worrying possibility that the authorities in Cologne tried to keep this quiet (the story only broke several days after the event, and only once Breitbart had reported it).

What I want to focus on is the reaction from a few areas and the impact this has, mainly the worrying trend that seems to show left wing proponents of immigration, shifting the blame away from the attackers at all costs. Even by making claims or statements that crush their own and western societies liberal standards.

Firstly the Mayor of Cologne, Henriette Reker, came out in the immediate aftermath of the news, to offer some guidelines. Not, as you would expect, guidelines for new entrants to Germany on the standards expected in regards to acting towards women.

No, that would be sensible. Her guidelines were for women themselves. She advised women that:

“It is always possible to keep a certain distance that is longer than an arm’s length,” – Mayor of Cologne, Henriette Reker

I’m sorry what? Never mind the absurd proposition that its entirely possible for a female to keep up to a 1,000 males intent on sexual assault at bay, but she is actually switching the blame onto the women attacked!

There should never be a situation where a woman needs to keep a man at arms length, because the presumption should be that men can control themselves and not act like a pack of feral animals.

Then there is the outcry from Feminists. Well the lack of it actually.

A group that is normally ever so vocal about the overly patriarchal system in which we apparently live, the sexual dominance of men, coupled with the intense “rape culture” that supposedly accompanies it. A group of people whose activists such as Charlotte Proudman are happy to paint an innocent complement on Linkedin into its own kind of sexual assault, or groups like “Every Day Sexism” are strangely very quiet.

I will tell you why I think they are so silent. They cannot in their own conflicted minds attack the despicable events on NYE, because that would mean conceding that the attackers were “of Arabic or North African” appearance and thus could in their view be bordering on racism.

A genuine case of sexual dominance by men, and of what appears to be an ingrained rape culture and nothing from prominent campaigners I can see. Not a peep….actually I tell a lie, there was one:


Massively popular feminist Laurie Penny.  Not attacking the perpetrators, not questioning why such a large gang would do such terrible acts. Nope, just whip out the race card, blame it on islamaphobia. Get that debate shut down ASAP. Sigh.

Then only yesterday I saw this absolute gem of a tweet from Frances Coppola, who is a journalist for Forbes:


Unable to accept that “people of Arabic of North African appearance” could commit such heinous acts, she bizarrely tries her own conspiracy theory, despite the overwhelming evidence of eye witness reports, police reports, tabloid coverage and actual video footage.

After her tweet was retweeted a few hundred times, poor Frances was utterly bewildered at the anger people were showing her. I pointed out that it was sad she couldn’t see why anger was being shown to her in response to her tweet, but I was promptly blocked.

Then lastly my attention was brought to this story running in the Washington Post, in which it happily states “Germany springs into action over hate speech against migrants”.

Yep, that’s it. Its hate speech that is the cause. Not men unable to keep themselves from assaulting women. It’s the hate speech I tell you!

These are just a few examples, I could go on, but here’s the thing and the crux of this problem. If these prominent left-wing figures cant bring themselves to look at the problem, and try to figure out why it may have happened then other people will.

By at the best dismissing the crimes out of hand as “nothing to do with immigrants, lets all move on” or at worst appearing to blame women themselves or other parties, they create a vacuum in which other groups can move into.

Far right groups are now happily sweeping the web, forums and social media, painting the picture that all immigrants and migrants are serial sex attackers.

Because no one on the left is happy to have a sensible discussion about the cause of the attacks, no-one can oppose them,  except to occasionally shout racist, but then no-one pays attention to that slur any more anyway, thanks to it being overused and underplayed.

Lets be clear on one thing, NYE wasn’t the actions of all immigrants or migrants, hell many of them may well have lived in Germany for many years, or indeed all their lives (although reports today suggest migrant numbers were large in the attackers). There are indeed many great people that are or were migrants or refugees, the majority of which wont cause any trouble in their lives and indeed contribute to society. To tar everyone with the same brush is ridiculous.

But to ignore a clear trend of increasing attacks against women in the wake of increasing migrant numbers is just as naive and stupid.

Immigrants are human beings just like you or me, and human beings of all types can do some pretty terrible stuff. People are also a product of nurture and the enviroment they were brought up in.

The majority of states in North Africa and the Middle East, have at the very beating heart of their culture, misogynistic views on women. Where they are forced to cover up head to toe or face being lashed, are blamed for being raped at best, or executed for being raped at worse.

Where domestic violence is not only rife, but in many ways condoned. Where women are seen as little more than baby vessels and deemed second class citizens.

This culture does not get left at the borders of Syria and North Africa. It won’t just disappear overnight upon the sight of a few people applauding their entry or by tweets and placards proclaiming #refugeeswelcome.

This ladies and gentlemen is the problem. Until it is addressed and people committing these acts are dealt with this problem isn’t going to go away. I don’t have the answer to it, but it needs to be sensibly debated and discussed, not swept under the carpet or it will fuel more anti-immigrant sentiments.

The worst thing about it all is these attacks were not just on the women themselves, but on the very principles the left champion, of equality for women and their right to enjoy a night out without being sexually assaulted.

Not only do the left refuse stick up for their principles in this case, but they actively find excuses for those trampling all over it.

It needs to stop, or across Europe far right groups securing more and more power will be the norm, and the left will have helped them do it.

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