Open borders are great! No, wait, we changed our minds!

Hypocrisy can afford to be magnificent in its promises, for never intending to go beyond promise, it costs nothing – Edmund Burke

Today it is being reported that the nations of Sweden and Denmark are moving to hugely reduce immigration to the countries in an attempt to deter the huge amounts of asylum seekers trying to seek sanctuary within their borders.

For the first time in over 60 years people will need to show a photo ID to enter Sweden via Denmark. Anyone not in possession of a relevant identification will be turned back. This should be very effective for turning away asylum seekers, as over 60% of them don’t have documentation upon arrival at Sweden’s border

Hours after this was announced Denmark also said it was tightening up entry conditions on its border with Germany.

Hmmm. I wonder what could have caused such a massive influx of migrants & refugees targeting Sweden as a destination? Oh yes, I remember now, their Prime Minister, who leads the Green and Social Democrat coalition said this in September:

“My Europe takes in people fleeing from war, my Europe does not build walls” – Stefan Löfven, Prime Minister of Sweden, 6th September 2015

It seems Mr Löfven’s idea for Europe doesn’t actually mean Sweden. Because only yesterday his migration minister said:

“The system cannot cope” Sweden’s Migration Minister – 3rd January 2016

So far, so Merkel. Honestly, I mean that. I’m going to start calling every incident where someone calls for something to happen, then acts bewildered when it happens as “doing a Merkel”.

Lets not forget that the German leader did exactly the same thing, in terms of telling migrants they were welcome to come, no checks, no questions asked, open borders free for all.

Some stood and applauded those brave people that had taken such a dangerous journey, once they entered Germany.

Then, less than a month later the same German leader that invited them, started implementing strict border controls because, yet again “the system couldn’t cope”.

Am I the only one who finds this behaviour despicable?

“I know, lets invite the worlds poor and endangered into our country with a public declaration and then slam the door in their face when they shockingly take up the offer, that will be good for a laugh”

What do these people expect? You asked and they came. Its not the migrants and refugees at fault here, its the flip flopping of the left wing governments, first inviting and then barring.

These refugees and migrants have endangered their lives to cross a whole continent and a half to get to your door (we know this because the media says so, all families, all endangering their lives. We’ve seen the pictures), on your express invitation, and now you slam that door in their face. Not very caring is it really?

Its amusing, because these are the same leaders that call upon the UK to stop moaning about the free movement of people in the EU, say we should house more refugees than we have already and they are also the main proponents of a borderless world. When we say our “system cannot cope” they smirk and tell us to just get on with it.

They have had this “borderless world” (well a borderless Middle East and Europe) used to full effect for just 6 months and already it’s falling apart. Well guess what… Just get on with it. You asked for it. You have got it. You owe these people what you promised.

Xenophobic they call anyone that dares to question unlimited open door immigration. Its the only argument they have.

Well if thinking that unlimited, unchecked open borders is inviting a number of people that our system can’t cope with means I’m a Xenophobe. Then I’m a Xenophobe.

But at least I would be an honest, realistic, and now proven right Xenophobe. Not a lying, hypocritical Xenophile that is the cause of hundreds of thousands of families making a perilous journey for sweet naff all.

Happy New Year.

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