Case of the Law Falling Down?

A news story broke today, that I felt compelled to write about. Now I am not a lawyer, a judge, a policeman, or indeed hold, or have held any position in law, order and justice, so maybe this falls well beyond my areas of expertise. However it is a news story that I found so confusing I feel I have to write up on it. Maybe someone more knowledgeable will be able to explain the intricacies of the case.

The story I am referring to is that of Saudi Millionaire Ehsan Abdulaziz, who was today cleared in Southwark Court of the rape of a woman. Mr Abdulaziz was accused of forcing the womans shorts to one side and being on top of her, having sex, whilst she slept off the alcohol she had consumed.

Traces of his DNA were found inside the womans vagina, and the defendant explained this may have happened, when due to his version of the events, he fell on top of her after she pulled him forward, his erect penis was out of his boxers and he could have penetrated her by accident.

Just writing that last paragraph makes me feel like I’m writing a fictional story.

I was always under the illusion that you had to prove guilt beyond reasonable doubt. But surely a defense needs to go the same way? If the defendants story is to be true, then I have major penis envy for a guy whose member can move clothing whilst his body is in free fall.

In fact, if the vast majority of blokes are like me, then they have trouble “finding the target” first time whilst stationary. So to conceivably believe his version of events for me is very difficult indeed.

It reminds me of a documentary I watched on hospitals, where it showed statistics on the number of people being admitted with foreign objects stuck up their rectums. Almost all of them giving the excuse that the reason the Barbie doll/ cucumber/ light bulb/ bog brush had found its way past their sphincter was that they fell on it.

So who knows, maybe penetration via loss of balance happens more often than we would have thought?

In a strange twist, the judge had allowed the defendant to give 20 minutes of private evidence, and cleared the courtroom for this, and at the end of the trial he was cleared by the jury after just half an hour of deliberations.

Given the evidence I can find in the news stories, people will likely think it is bizarre that the jury could buy his excuse, outside the realms of a poorly thought out soap opera story line. I’m going to be honest, I’m with them. I do have to ask some questions.

  • What could be deemed so important in a rape case that the defendant is allowed 20 minutes in private to make his case?
  • How does a man accidentally fall into a woman, when an erect penis points up, and a person tends to fall down?
  • What evidence was so strong as to support the defendants innocence that it only took the jury 30 minutes to acquit him?

There may well be a very serious repercussion to this case. Rape is a notoriously under reported crime. Some women will stay silent about being raped, due to thinking they will not be believed.

For reasons only known to them, the Jury and judge decided Ehsan was innocent. I pray there is more to it than the excuse he gave, and it will be explained.

Because quite frankly, if women think men can say they slipped and fell into their vagina, and get away with such a ludicrous suggestion, then I fear many more rapes are likely to go unreported too.

Let me know your thoughts on this case in the comments below.

News story reported in the Independant, Mirror, Daily Mail



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