The EU “Negotiation” is over

A government without information or the means of acquiring it, is but a prologue to a farce, or a tragedy, or perhaps both – James Madison

Second by second Camerons foolish dreams of getting a renegotiation from the EU are unravelling before our eyes.

I wrote a blog before, claiming the terms of renegotiation were set so low, it couldn’t possibly fail and would mean nothing. Well I was wrong on one part of that. It is failing. Hell, It has failed.

After conceding that he wasn’t going to get any meaningful treaty change that would allow the UK to control immigration, Cameron set about moving the goal posts to try an get a rule whereby new immigrants to the UK couldn’t claim benefits for a predetermined period.

Now despite the fact that the affect on migration this rule would bring about being so small as to be insignificant (vast majority of immigrants come here to work, despite scare stories to the contrary), he was adamant he would be able to get at least some agreement on this issue.

Today, every single member state of the EU opposed the proposal.

Every. Single. One. 

There can now be no doubt in anyone’s mind, even the most ardent Europhiles that the EU is not going to bend on any requests or demands we make. They don’t want change, they are happy as it is.

It is now abundantly clear that the renegotiation is as meaningless as it is doomed to fail. It is and has been an absolute farce. There will be no change that will come about that could possibly be worthwhile to sway a voter to either vote “Leave” or “Remain”.

It’s now time to pick a side. In this post I’m not going to argue the pros and cons as I see it, those that read my blog will know I am ardently for leaving the political union.

But if you have not picked a side, now is the time to start researching where you stand. What is downplayed across all the UK’s media is just how important this vote will be.

As the EU has such a huge affect on our own policies, trade and international relations, I would argue that this is the most important vote anyone will make in this generation.

More important than any General Election as it will affect what the parties you vote for at a GE can feasibly do whilst leading the UK.

If you are for staying in the EU and are comfortable with moving towards the Euro currency, for ever closer political union with Brussels and think we are stronger as a small cog in a big wheel, then that is what you most vote for.

If, like me, you think that the UK being able to set it’s own destiny in the world can only be a good thing. You must vote “leave”.

The above are overly simplistic summaries, but in the end, its essentially what a vote either way is going to come down to.

But its time to make a decision. Because the “renegotiation” is over.

2 thoughts on “The EU “Negotiation” is over

  1. I vote to leave.
    In Sigourney Weaver’s immortal words from Avatar
    We are been pissed on without them having the decency of calling it rain


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