Division in Oldham West

“We can not allow what I think is an evil force within our society – that divides society often on the basis of race, often on the basis on some of the crudest policies that you can imagine any political party advocating,”John McDonnell, Labours Shadow Chancellor.

The above quote is not, as you might expect, what John had to say about ISIS, but was in fact his opinions on UKIP, which he voiced on the weekend at an event for the Oldham West and Royton by-election campaign.

Faced with Labour’s own activists giving scary stories of doors nearly being slammed in faces and people in their droves pinning their flag to UKIPs mast, the outcome of the seat suddenly doesn’t look as safe as it was.

So McDonnell does what anyone does in a situation like that. No, not give good reasons why to vote for his party, but to scream “WAYCIST!!” at the top of his lungs.

I’m not here to discuss about if UKIP is racist or not. If you believe UKIP is racist, then me pointing out that controlling pure numbers involved in immigration, and therefore mathematics cant possibly be racist, isn’t going to change your mind.

And to be honest, after several years of it, Im quite bored of the whole silly argument. Unluckily for John and his Labour pals, so are a lot of people. A lot of people in Oldham for example.

No, what I want to discuss is his statement. Namely the bit I have highlighted. That great word “division”.

There was a tweet today from Debbie Abrahams, who is the Labour MP in the neighboring ward. Which showed an image of another by-election meeting they held. Here’s the image of the event


Now the eagle eyed among you may notice there is a certain, how can I put it? Divide. Yes divide is appropriate. There is a certain divide in the audience.

Another word for divide is segregate, and this is exactly what appears to have happened here, The room is segregated with women on the left and men on the right hand sides of the hall.

Now this could just be a coincidence, maybe they just sat in those positions of their own accord. Of course Labour has a history of letting their meetings be segregated by sex. This image is from May in Birmingham and caused quite the stir.


So how can Jim and Labour honestly sit there and claim UKIP is a party of division within communities, when they openly allow misogynistic divisive actions to take place at their own party meetings within a community?

I wanted to know. So I tweeted the chap running for the seat for Labour. Jim Mcmahon. Hes the chap in the main picture. The one that looks like Wayne Rooney and Andy Burnhams’ love child.

He blocked me from his Twitter feed immediately.

Faster than Corbyn posing for a picture with Jerry Adams, Jim Mcmahon smashed that block button.

Problem is I wasn’t the only person asking the question. I also wasn’t the only person he blocked.



blocked 2

blocked 3

blocked 5

So either Jim really doesn’t or can’t answer the question, or its something he wholeheartedly agrees with and our questions were so outrageous to him, he blocked us in a fit of anger at our sheer audacity to ask him about it.

So people of Oldham West and Royton, ask yourselves this. Are you really going to vote for a party that on the one hand preaches about another party being divisive, whilst at the same time allowing at best, or agreeing with at worst the segregation of people based on their genitalia?

Are you going to put your cross next to a man who, when you ask a very simple question you might have, about, lets say division in your community, not only won’t answer you, but is likely to ban all communication with you in the future?

Because that’s what a vote for Labour clearly is. The real party of division.

Actions speak louder than words John. And Labours actions in Oldham speak volumes.



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