Corbyns Crisis

In order to exist, man must rebel, but rebellion must respect the limits that it discovers in itself – limits where minds meet, and in meeting, begin to exist – Albert Camus

So Corbyn’s having a good week by all accounts, and the Labour party’s unity continues to strengthen with each passing hour.

The above paragraph isn’t quite true. In fact Camerons upcoming vote on if the UK are to join bombing Syria in order to pretend to the world we have any type of military force left protect us from ISIS, is causing Corbyn his first major crisis since he became leader. Its been two months, which is longer than I expected.

You see Corbyn has a, shall we say, slight aversion to the thought of war, and believes that the UK joining 11 other countries in bombing Syria isn’t going to add anything to the campaign – I actually agree with him. He wrote a strongly worded letter to his MP’s and cabinet laying out his opposition to Cameron’s war plans.

For those who voted Corbyn in as as leader, I would imagine this stance is what they would want to see. Once the letter had been sent out, I heard a disturbance in the left, as if a million Corbynistas had cried out all at once.”right on Jez”.

The only fly in the ointment is that part of his cabinet and a large majority of his MP’s follow the Blairite vision that bombing the living shit out of everything is the solution to all the worlds problems, so they disagree. Angrily disagree.

Hilary Benn, the shadow foreign secretary is one such chap. Now given his position in the shadow cabinet, not following the party whip, (if Corbyn implements it), should mean he would resign.

Hilary, has told Corbyn he is doing no such thing. In fact, he has openly told Corbyn that he will have to sack him, and in doing so opened the platform for all the shadow cabinet to rebel, along with the MP’s and cause Corbyn to either back down, give them a free vote, or sack and replace half his cabinet.

Not to compound Labour voters ideas of there being a serious rift in the party over this, but Fiona Mactaggart, a Labour backbencher then went on the BBC and explained the only “sensible” solution to all this is if Jezza packs his bags and fucks right off.

Fear not Labour voters, all is not lost. Dianne Abbott has entered the fray, by saying one of the only sensible things I have ever heard her utter:

“Jeremy appoints the shadow cabinet – not the other way round.

“You cannot have a shadow cabinet voting down the leader of the Labour Party who has just been elected with the biggest mandate in history.”

The best thing about this all, is there is no winning solution for Labour. If Corbyn sacks dissenters, he will lose half of his “hugely experienced”, two month old cabinet. He would then still face MP’s in his party rebelling.

If he backs down or allows a free vote, then the likelihood is Labour will vote for war. The vast majority of left wing voters that chose Corbyn are then marooned with a Leader that can’t reign in the right of centre element of his party. Therefore they have the same Blairite party they voted to get rid of.

I can taste the salty tears of the Corbynistas already. I can see the social media posts of rage and anger. I might book some holiday so I can take my time reading Twitter posts from Owen Jones crying about the unfairness of it all.

At any rate, I imagine the left will set things right, by rampaging through the streets and smashing up a few cereal breakfast bars. That always seems to fix things for them.

There isn’t really any easy route for Corbyn on this. The bravest decision to take, and the moral one, given the mandate he was elected on, is to sack the dissenters and implement the whip.

Whether he has the balls to do this will be unveiled in the coming days.

Part of me feels sorry for him, as I think he is right to want to leave us out of Syria, as I have voiced twice now.  But the anti-Labour part of me will just continue to marvel and chuckle at this latest episode of “Carry on Corbyn”.



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