Corbyn and Farage are not so Different

I know politics is emotionally brutal; I’ve already had experience with the reality of smear campaigns, so I understand there will not be a path of roses laid before me – Marianne Williamson

Honestly, Farage and Corbyn have a lot in common. That headline got your attention huh? Don’t reach for the phone yet, I have not lost leave of my faculties. I don’t mean they are similar in their political views, no two people could be farther apart.

They both are similar in terms of the fact that neither politician follows the old rules. Neither of them pander to the status quo. Neither of them sit on the fence on their political views, and their respective supporters love them for it.

The main similarity they share is that if either man got anywhere near influencing government policy, holding a balance of power, or god forbid number 10, the establishments old ways would be rocked to its very foundations and change would happen at a rapid pace, and if there is one thing we can’t have at any cost, it’s change.

Just as Farage and UKIP were subject to a cross media trouncing before this years election, Corbyn and the new leftist Labour are receiving exactly the same treatment.

Whilst the likes of the Guardian, HuffPost and the Independent would be expected to hate UKIP and Farage, you would have thought papers that claim to be Eurosceptic, like say, The Sun, or the Daily Mail to have gotten behind Farage during the GE.

Not so. The left leaning papers obviously ran negative story after story, but The Sun and The Daily Mail were just as, if not worse in their scathing attacks.

Quotes from mere members being portrayed as UKIP policy, The old manifesto (which was ridiculous) being thrown in article after article, every story featuring the most unflattering photo (usually some kind of maniacal expression). Hell we even had a “documentary” portraying the downfall of society if UKIP were ever to gain power.

Now Corbyn is on the scene, news on UKIP and Farage has gone somewhat thin on the ground. There is a much bigger threat.

Again, you would expect The Sun and the Mail to constantly attack Corbyn, not The Indy, not Huffpost, and especially not the Guardian. But low and behold The left leaning papers are every as much bashing Labour under Corbyn as the right are.

He didn’t bow down low enough at the cenotaph, The tie he wears, repeated stories from (the same) MPs crying out that Corbyn is the end of the world as we know it, todays story about Milliband laughing that the party is worse off under Corbyn. And of course, the great unflattering photos – honestly look out for them and you will see them all over the place!

Its all very familiar, and all starting to become a little too obvious.

The aim of the mainstream media is not, of course to convince left wing voters that Farage is not the man to vote for, nor to convince right wing voters that Corbyn should be avoided. Both sides of voters have decided on that already and are very unlikely to change their mind in that regard.

It was to convince the right leaning and centre-right voters that Cameron over Farage was a safer bet, and it’s now to convince the Left and middle ground voters not to support Labour under Corbyn, so that Corbyn is ousted and they get someone a little less firebrand. Someone that will fall into line and not upset the apple cart.

Now, just as the left happily shared bad news, real or exaggerated, about UKIP and Farage at the GE, those that don’t support Corbyn are very happily re-tweeting story after story of Corbyn on social media. Some of them are warranted, a lot more are really non-stories.

But they are non-stories that are supporting the aims and narrative of the end goal of getting someone “more suitable” at the helm of Labour.

I’m not suggesting Tories and Kippers become Corbynistas and refuse point out some of his real follies. I do it myself.

Nor am I suggesting current members of Labour, Libdems or The Green party become ardent supporters of immigration control. I just want everyone to think a little bit about why the media collusion on all sides is happening, and if it really is for your benefit or theirs.

Ask yourself why papers that claim to support Brexit didn’t get behind the only party to genuinely be gunning for our exit. Why the same papers that moan about levels of immigration tried to smear the one party shouting for more robust controls.

And now ask yourself why on earth The Sun, Daily Mail and the Tories would want anyone else at the helm if  Corbyn isn’t a threat. They should be happy he is there no?

Ask yourself why the Guardian who have long been leading the charge for a more left wing approach to politics, don’t seem too happy to have a leader espousing the policies they claim to have been wanting.

Change can not happen if we refuse to allow it by being manipulated. I firmly believe we need change in our politics. Its a shame the media never seem to agree with that, despite all of their claims that they do.


6 thoughts on “Corbyn and Farage are not so Different

  1. Is it because, as it stands, the media run the country. If we had big political changes, the media control could get diluted? The trouble with change is that often, it is only implemented when it is too late.

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    1. On the money. Look who are close friends between politicians and the media.

      Look at the threats the Torys made to the BBC about funding, and their sudden kowtowing.

      The media influence what our perceptions are, on lots of things. Politics is no exception. They use each other for mutual gain and they don’t want anyone who might upset that.


      1. One of the problems with people and the media is, they believe what they read and avoid critical thinking. People regularly get called racist for wanting to tighten our border controls, which IMO has been orchestrated by the media. Who in their right mind wouldn’t want to do all they can to stop the wrong people coming into our country? Especially in the current climate.

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  2. I agree. The worst UKIP got was in the run up to the EP elections in May 2014. The Guardian and Telegraph in tandem attacking UKIP. The BBC are a joke when it comes to impartiality and would want an ombudsman with real teeth to monitor the referendum. Cameron won’t have that because he knows a biased referendum helps him. Oh and is Corbyn really a eurosceptic and one of the reasons they attack him?

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