Tall Tales of Brexit Terrorism

It’s not a terrible thing that we feel fear when faced with the unknown. It is part of being alive, something we all share – Pema Chodron

My very first blog post was on the referendum of fear. On how the opponents of Brexit, faced with a real lack of positives for the UK to vote “remain” in the European Union, would be, and have been peddling out scare story after scare story.

There was another one today, and this one is an absolute cracker. Sir Hugh Orde the ex president of the Association of Chief Police Officers, has declared that we will be at greater risk of terror attacks if we leave the EU.

His argument being, as far as I can gather from the various new articles, that Brexit would somehow, for reasons unknown to me or anyone with a brain cell, lead to a lack of co-operation and shared intelligence on terror related matters.

“Within the EU we have structural relationships and arrangements that add huge value to our effort to fight terrorism, and these would be lost if we walked away. We have the best of both worlds; the security and stability gained from being part of Europe but the flexibility to opt out of arrangements that aren’t in our national interest.” – Hugh Orde

So let me get this right. If we are not part of the EU, then our European allies, jointly affected and united against worldwide terror would some how stop sharing information, and us vice-versa, leaving us all more open to attacks in the future?

What a load of absolute dribble chinned stupidity. Information on terror is shared worldwide between countries that are not only not part of the EU, but in some cases not even on the best of terms.

We bilaterally share information with EU countries, with Australia, Japan, United States, African states, Jordan, Israel, Turkey, the UAE and even Russia to name just a few.

Its a mutually beneficial arrangement to safeguard our countries and others, citizens and states safety. To suggest leaving the EU would somehow nullify this need is beyond scaremongering, its utterly farcical.

We have one of the best security services in the whole world, with one of the farthest reach. They have helped to foil numerous attacks not just in the UK, but for our allies and for other countries across the globe. Are other states really going to walk away from that, just because we are no longer in a political union, really?

Of course they are not.

I could ramble on, but my hope is that people can easily see how stupid this argument actually is, it’s not even worth anymore of my time writing about it.

But it is clear this is the game the “remain” camp are going to play, and it disgusts me that they think peoples intelligence is so low that they won’t see right through it. Because that’s what they are hoping for, people to just take it all in without questioning a word.

Terrorism is not just the acts of bombing, maiming and killing themselves, its the fear it creates in the hearts and minds of the populace affected, normally to push a political agenda, because they have no stronger political platform to do otherwise.

In this case of making an argument for a “remain” vote, the only people causing unwarranted fear and terror is you Hugh.

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