NOW the EU see the need to tighten borders

At the end of the day, the goals are simple: safety and security – Jodi Rell

For years and years many across the EU continent have been crying out for tighter border controls. Its not just the UK that are fixated on the issue.

There are many arguments that are put forward for controlling immigration and borders, as opposed to the open door policy currently implemented, and none are touted quite so much as that of security.

It seems a fairly straightforward argument, that if we can not control the numbers or quality and quantity of those coming and going, through proper checks, then we can not possibly hope to have proper security from those that would wish us harm.

However there has long been the view within the EU that the free movement of people is absolutely integral to the Union itself as part of one of its founding principles. Those that oppose mass, unchecked immigration have been consistently and relentlessly shouted down as racists, Xenophobes and inward looking.

The migrant crisis of the past year, caused some eastern countries to close their borders or tighten them, citing they needed to do so for security of their own people. This was against schengen rules, and was met with anger and disdain by other senior EU politicians and most of the left. “Heartless “they cried. “Have some compassion” they screamed.

Now however the EU ministers will be holding an emergency meeting on Friday to discuss the tightening of EU borders and security checks.

The sad and angering thing about this is it is far to little and far too late. The bloodstained streets of Paris and the heart-wrenching deaths of those caught up in the terror are the cause of this meeting, and it shouldn’t have taken the destruction of so many peoples lives and families to come to the simple understanding that our security is threatened by such lax border controls.

Its absolutely bloody infuriating as the whole thing should have been undertaken years ago, long before the migrant crisis was even happening.

When the crisis did happen these same ministers and politicians that are meeting on Friday could have acted then. They could have introduced measures to aid refugees that didn’t mean a free for all. They could have stopped the boats and opened safe zones to take genuine refugees to.

They could have saved both countless migrant lives and increased the security of the EU an it citizens.

Instead Merkel and others invited them, promised them unfettered access despite ISIS themselves clearly stating they would take advantage of the situation. They should be ashamed.

It was absolute lunacy, and only now after the deaths in Paris are people taking action. Its sad that it has taken such terrible events to do what should have been pure common sense.

And whilst the action now being taken should be welcomed, I certain wont be applauding it. A knee jerk reaction in the face of such sorrow is no proper action at all.



3 thoughts on “NOW the EU see the need to tighten borders

  1. The blood of innocent people is on the hands of junkel Merkel and the rest of the mindless controlling freaks of Brussels, to little to late springs to mind.dismantle the EU and re – establish all borders to get back security for all countries.


  2. Just why are European political leaders so thick, the days of Empire building are long gone , and still the streets of Europe run with blood seeking a lost cause. When all it takes is COMMON SENSE , yes good old COMMON SENSE ! For once LISTEN to the voice of the man/women in the street, and you might just get it right.


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