What if Corbyn is Ousted?

The pattern of the prodigal is: rebellion, ruin, repentance, reconciliation, restoration – Edwin Louis Cole

It seems like not one single day passes where a Labour  MP, or prominent Labour member isn’t rebelling against poor old Corbyn.

Doom and gloom stories and outright despair stories come in thick and fast from the likes of Mandleson, Blair, Danczuk and Cooper to name a small few.

The problem is also compounded by the fact their is a clear media coup against Corbyn (much the same as there was with Farage actually, which I will write about in another post soon), which fans the flames of uncertainty, damages his poll ratings and adds further adds weight to his colleagues criticisms.

Its almost like its all planned…..

Today’s rebellion has come from Spencer Livermore who was Labours Director of Strategy for Gordon Brown. He has gone on BBC 4 saying Labour cant win with Corbyn at the helm:

“Mr Corbyn does have a strong internal mandate in the party and he has the right to try and translate that into external support

But as leader he also has the responsibility to translate that into external support and right now he has the lowest ratings of any leader of the Opposition in history.

I believe Mr Corbyn has failed to learn the lessons of why we lost in 2015 and unless he does, on the present course, we will lose in 2020.” – Spencer Livermore

So we have an ex director of strategy, whose strategy with Brown failed to win an election, telling everyone that Corbyns strategy, cant win an election. Its really very amusing when you think about it.

Make no mistake though, this is not amusing for Labour party supporters, old or new, or the party itself.

If what Corbyns critics are saying is indeed true, then Labour are doomed to be the official opposition until 2025 at the earliest. The only way they can salvage this is to undermine Corbyn and eventually oust him, which is what I think is clear we are heading for.

But what happens if they manage that? Corbyn swept to victory in the leadership election with over 240,000 votes, from Labour members wanting change. They don’t want another Blairite carbon copy.

If I voted in a leadership election, and the person I voted for won unanimously, I expect my democratic vote to be respected. Not to be slowly destroyed from within. I would almost certainly drop the party that ousted the leader I voted for like a hot rock.

I imagine many of the 240k that voted for Corbyn would have serious thoughts of doing the same thing, and quite frankly a huge membership defection isn’t exactly something Labour can afford at the moment.

It would lead to a catastrophic split. It could end them as a political force for much longer than 2020, who would vote for a democratic party that doesn’t believe in the democratic process?

So the “moderate” Labour MP’s and members need to be very careful what they wish for, the alternative result might be very much worse than their fears about Corbyns leadership.

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