No Winston, not because you are black. But because you are an Idiot.

Do what you will, this world’s a fiction and is made up of contradiction – William Blake

So finally, Winston Mckenzie is gone from UKIP, and not before time.

Winston has taken to the papers crying to all that he has been “racially discriminated against”. When in actuality, let’s be honest, it’s because the guy is an absolute moron.

I will prove Winston doesn’t think UKIP are racist, except when he wants to pull the racist card out of the bag. Because crying racism is the only way he can save his pride as to why he got the boot from UKIP (He says he left, but was shoved pretty hard), rather than admit he has failed as a politician.

This is the guy that every time he was on the TV, I seriously considered if UKIP really was one of loons. Because never has someone personified that phrase than our good friend Winston.

From stating “Farage is like Jesus”, to stating “Croydon is a dump” in the middle of an election campaign, Winston did more to make me think he was some sort of clever plant by the opposition, to ever making me think he was a genuine member of the party.

Maybe he got one too many smacks to the head in his career as a boxer (Which was marginally worse than that as a politician), I’m not sure, but one things for certain, his memory isn’t all that great.

You see, the papers are gleefully printing the story of Winston claiming he has been hard done by because UKIP is a racist party. Yet they fail to remind us of Winston’s own words when defending the lyrically awful UKIP Calypso song on Newsnight, where he repeatedly stated:

Ukip are not a racist party as I wouldn’t be in a racist party”. – Winston Mckenzie

So which is it Winston old chap? You can not have it both ways. Either the party is or it isn’t. The cynic in me cries out that you are using the only thing you can to lash out at a party, by pulling that race card out of your pocket, and flashing it all around the place.

It’s an argument that will stand up for less time than your boxing career, and as I demonstrate above, an argument torn apart by your opponents easier than your chin guard.

Someone who damaged the parties image, and constantly dropped gaffes all over the place is sacked not because they are black, but because they are shit at the job they are meant to do, and a detriment to the party.

Anyone who can honestly say that any other party wouldn’t have fired Winston long ago, and wants to argue that he was sacked due to racial discrimination is free to comment below.

And be mercilessly ridiculed.

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