When Corbyn is Correct.

You have your way. I have my way. As for the right way, the correct way, and the only way, it does not exist – Friedrich Nietzsche.

As a natural right of centre voter, current UKIP supporter and ex Tory supporter, my political views don’t often match with that of Jeremy Corbyn. In fact, I agree with my wife more often than I agree with him and that takes some beating.

However they say that a broken clock is still right twice a day, and recently it was that time of day where both our clocks aligned.

It emerged that yet again, not content with being humiliated once in a commons vote, our illustrious PM, David “don’t call be babe” Cameron, was angling for another vote on solving the Syria war, by adding our planes to the rigorous bombing-the-crap-out-of campaign being waged in the war ravaged region.

He has now been advised against the vote by the Commons Committee and old JC added his thoughts on the matter by stating that:

“There has to be a political solution and I don’t think more bombing will help the situation” – Jeremy Corbyn

Whilst I don’t think we are anywhere near a political solution yet, the second part of that sentence is undoubtedly correct.

The Russians are bombing in Syria, the Assad regime is bombing in Syria, France is Bombing in Syria, The UAE are bombing in Syria, Yemen are bombing in Syria, Denmark is bombing in Syria, Australia is Bombing in Syria, Jordan is bombing in Syria, Turkey is bombing in Syria. Even fucking Canada is bombing in Syria.

If all of those countries can’t solve the problem by dropping explosives all over the country, then what’s left of our military getting involved isn’t going to make the slightest bit of difference.

Bombing the shit out everything that moves is a huge reason why Europe is suffering the biggest migrant crisis since the second world war. Now don’t get me wrong here, I think the crisis is dealt with incorrectly, the boats should have been stopped months ago, and areas for refugee camps carved out in safe areas. But if all those planes were dropping death-dealing explosives in my neighbourhood, I would be making moves out of the country too.

Have we not yet learned from Libya, Iraq and Afghanistan that blowing things up rarely help matters? That nine times out of ten it only causes more problems? One thing is for certain, if Europe wants to stop the constant waves of migrants making their way across the continent, they need to persuade them to go back to their homes. People are not going to do that if their homes could be blown up at any moment, with them and their family inside it.

Now, all of that said, we do of course need to tackle ISIS as their butchery is the second main reason so many people are being displaced. People wont return to their homes if the ISIS threat is still present.

Eradicating their weaponry and killing off their leaders via air strikes might well be justified. But with all those other countries already leaving craters all over Syria, why do we need to get involved at this stage? What would we add?

Once the bombing is over, the world is going to have to decide how it finally finishes off ISIS and what to do going forward. In regards to this I see no way of peacefully opening a dialogue with Islamic State, so I fear boots on the ground may be needed.

But, if we were able to create a political solution to unite the other factions to some degree, then Syria might well be able to solve the ISIS problem itself. Then Corbyns first part of the sentence would also be correct, and our times on the clock will match yet again.

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