“Impartial” Experts on The Brexit Question

Impartial – unable to perceive any promise of personal advantage from espousing either side of a controversy – Ambrose Bierce.

See its quite a funny thing. Only the other day I wrote my post about how I felt the news that the USA would curb trade with the UK in the event of a Brexit was an absolute nonsense, and how utterly unbelievable I found it that the UK’s most valuable partner and ally, the USA, would seek to damage that relationship via trade restrictions.

Well low and behold it turns out that the USA’s trade representative that came out with these damning comments, was working for the European Commission in its forward studies group, prior to working for the Obama administration.

He is also part of the group of negotiators trying to thrash out the TTIP agreement with the EU, one which would I suspect have diminishing returns for the USA should the UK not be part of it, which it wouldn’t have to come a Brexit, but will be forced to upon a “remain” vote.

So not exactly the most impartial person to be giving doomsday scenarios on the UK’s referendum. Now a more cynical person might be tempted to say this is all part of a larger plan to scare the UK into voting “remain”, and you know what? They wouldn’t be far wrong I suspect.

This isn’t the only case of people or organisations that have a vested interest in the EU, preaching about the dangers of leaving.

Tony Blair is a massive advocate of the EU, and although he hasn’t had much to say recently, I’m sure closer to Brexit he will be coming out with all kinds of reasons we should stay in. Given the rumours about his desire to become the EU president are legion, he isn’t exactly a pillar of integrity in this matter, or anything else usually.

Then we have the Confederation of British Industry (CBI), who regularly have comments that millions of jobs will be lost upon a Brexit (based on the fact that all trade would cease which is as disingenuous as it is laughable). There may well be some jobs lost after Brexit, but likely only at the CBI who has had several cash injections totalling over a million pounds in recent years.

Then we have our great impartial institution that is the BBC. Regularly peddling pro remain articles across its news network and yet more doomsday scenarios of Brexit. They of course, wont tell you that they received millions of pounds of grants in recent years though.

Whilst we are talking about the media, Pro-EU Channel 4 has funding from the EU too.

The point is this, we need to consider carefully where this information is coming from, and if they have another agenda. Because some of those those shouting the loudest for the “remain camp” seem to have pretty vested interests in keeping the union going.

And those reasons are not for the benefit of the voters, but many times, for themselves.

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