Leader of the out campaign? MAYbe, MAYbe not.

“The task of the leader is to get their people from where they are to where they have not been” – Henry A Kissinger.

Earlier this month a poll commissioned by leave.eu revealed that the person the public would most like to see lead the “leave” campaign would be Theresa May. She came in first with 22.2%, in a narrow second came Nigel Farage on 18.6% and Boris Johnson came a distant third.

I must admit that when I saw this, I was actually immediately won over by the idea. Theresa has been Home Secretary for a very long time, and presided over the record immigration figures we have seen over the last 5 years. If she were to back Brexit by holding her hands up and saying “We cannot control immigration within the EU, and their is a better way to it all from outside political union” then this would be an overwhelming argument that would be hard to ignore.

I can see her gaining a lot of support from her fellow sex and given her recent speech at the Tory conference, where she made some excellent points, I was beginning to believe that she genuinely was going to go forward and throw her hat in the ring, and finally admit the EU is a detriment to the UK.

That was until I watched the Marr Show this morning. Gone where the bold and truthful statements, and in their place was an desire to hold fire and see what happens with renegotiation.

I have no doubt in my mind now that she is holding her cards close to her chest, to see which way the wind blows and how it will affect her bid to become Tory leader. The negotiation, as is plain to see for anyone with a glancing interest in the subject, will not and can not happen in terms that will be anything more than window dressing.

Theresa knows this, Cameron knows this, everyone knows this. Hell, Farage and Suzanne Evans called it right after the election. The EU will not give way to the sweeping reforms that are needed to make the union a benefit to Britain. The whole process is a sham.

By pinning her flag to the negotiation mast, we know she is loyally following orders and doing what is best for her career and not what is best for Britain.

So if not Theresa then who? My personal opinion is that it can’t be Farage either. I personally think he is the best Prime Minister we never had, and the strongest orator there currently is in politics, but there are many people who rightly or wrongly cant stand him and would be turned off voting “leave” purely due to their hatred of him.

Boris would be a disaster, between him zip lining down dressed in a Union Jack and tackling small children to the ground the campaign would be seen as a joke.

My thoughts are that it should be someone from Labour. We know that the greatest amounts of Eurosceptics come from UKIP and the Tories. However they are the two parties that are seen as the far right enemy of Labour voters and a Labour MP leading the “leave” campaign, could just get the left wing voters a successful Brexit so badly needs on side.

A possible choice is Kate Hoey who has long been an outspoken critic of Brussels and could hold the key to persuading the left wing inclined that Brexit isn’t a right wing campaign designed to enslave us all into serfdom, or end the world through global warming, or ban anyone other than white CIS males from entering the UK, but indeed is a campaign to free us from a political Union that has seen things like Greece and Portugal being forced into austerity despite the populations voting for the opposite.

Anyway, whoever it is we need to choose carefully, the leader of the campaign has a strong chance to make or break it, and we need a someone who will lead us to victory, not lead us astray.

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